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Blue Pearl Immigration Consultancy was established as an expert migration consultancy firm to help through each and every step of the course of immigration. We are located in Chandigarh, India. The Consultancy was established with a dream to give our esteemed clientele straightforward, legitimate and dependable immigration arrangements. We not just assist our clients with relocating to different nations yet in addition assist them to cope up with the change.
Our team members are highly experienced and guide the clients throughout the whole process of Immigration. We have numerous "happy stories" of our clients about getting their Visas. The success of Blue Pearl Immigration Consultancy lies in the wish fulfillment of our clients. We provide consultation regarding the Tourist Visa, Study Visa, Work Visa and PR. Our Counsellors are expert and passionate towards their work and ardently put their efforts into guiding the clients and getting their dreams fulfilled.

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It is very difficult for me to put my happiness and gratitude in words. But the whole team worked whole heartedly for me and with their efforts and guidance, my dream of settling in Canada came to life. I wish more success to the team!


Kavita Seth

The whole team at (name) is very helpful and genuine. I am very happy that my dream of studying in Australia came true.


Aarti Jindal

I can not express how lucky I am that I came in contact with Blue Pearl Immigration Consultancy. It was my childhood dream to study in the United States and the team here was so helpful and guided me at every step so well that I got my study visa. Thank You so much Blue Pearl Immigration!


Rishabh Puri