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Tourist Visa

Just like any other living creatures, humans too need to travel around places for different reasons like business purposes, social gatherings, individual reasons and other reasons. While other living creatures can go around places without even the need of demonstrating their characters, the more intelligent variety of living creatures – the humans – need to demonstrate and convey their personalities and take authorizations from the authorities before making a visit to foreign lands. This is the procedure by which migration is portrayed in a real sense – movement is the global development of individuals from one country (the nation of origin or the district where the individual has a place) to another nation, regularly known as the Destination Country, where the individual is a simple vacationer for satisfying a prescribed reason in particular.

Whenever such migration happens, the visitor or the person intending to travel needs to procure consent from the concerned authorities. This consent is given in the form of a Visa. Typically Visas are given or granted as and when required. These kinds of Visas are known as One Time Visas. Yet, there are circumstances where a vacationer may have to visit a similar country on different occasions within a range of time, for different reasons including business and others. To work with such vacationer deluge, most nations including Canada, US and Australia have introduced the Multiple Tourist Visa which allows the holder to visit the country more than once during a range of time which can go from a half year to ten years depending upon the requirements of the individual and the country policies. Such Multiple Tourist Visa helps the person plan trips as and when needed without stressing over the visa requirements while the nation gains from such repeated tourist convergence into the country.